Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions

Sugar-white sands bordering a cool, blue ocean, vibrant green plants with efflorescent blooms, mile-high mountains looming majestically over deep valleys of sweet sugar cane -- these are just a few of the images that spring to mind when one thinks about the Dominican Republic. As part of a tropical island ideally situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean's warm waters, the Dominican Republic offers the perfect combination of exclusive relaxation and sightseeing excitement. Here are the top 10 attractions in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 1 -- Playa del Macao

The gorgeous Dominican Republic beaches at Playa del Macao are perfectly suited for catching some rays or for enjoying some of the area's best surfing. With nice strings of waves routinely rolling to shore, the chances of landing a killer tube are very good. There is even a shipwreck nearby where scuba diving classes are regularly held. For an enchanting time, visit the small fishing village of El Macao for a taste of the Dominican Republic's past.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 2 -- Lago Enriquillo

Lago Enriquillo is a huge salt-water lake that is also home to one of the area's largest wild reserves and bird sanctuaries. A natural beauty of unspoiled splendor, visitors will be able to see colorful flamingos, lazy iguanas, captivating crocodiles and many other fascinating creatures in their own habitat.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 3 -- Eastern National Park

Eastern National Park, also known as Parque Nacional del Este, is one of the largest marine parks in the Caribbean and home to 112 different bird species. It's also a prime ecosystem for hundreds of other creatures. There are many local caves where visitors can take in early cave drawings and the offshore coral reef system offers a gorgeous place to dive. The park is also home to a few very remote beaches for the perfect romantic getaway.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 4 -- Basilica de Nuestra Senora (Basilica of Our Lady)

One of the finest displays of modern Christian architecture, the Basilica de Nuestra Senora is a beloved church and an impressive sight. Every year on January 21, a pilgrimage across the country makes its way to attend Mass here.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 5 -- Museo De las Casa Realas (Museum of the Royal Houses)

This epic museum in Santa Domingo was at one time the colonial administrative center for all of the Spanish West Indies. Today, it exists as a museum dedicated to preserving many of the artifacts and items from that time in history.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 6 -- Catedral Primada de America (First Cathedral of America)

Located in Santa Domingo, the Catedral Primada de America is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. Built between 1514 and 1544, the cathedral radiates gothic ambiance throughout its Renaissance-styled decor. The church is also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria and it was once the resting place of Christopher Columbus.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 7 -- Plaza De la Cultura

The Plaza De la Cultura is a park in Santa Domingo that is filled with various museums and art galleries. For a cultural slice of the Dominican Republic, this is the place to go. Many of the local heritage houses have been renovated and now serve as delightful restaurants.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 8 -- Museo de Ambar Dominicano (Amber Museum of Puerto Plata)

Amber is the designated gem of the Dominican Republic and the Amber Museum, located in Puerto Plata, is the best place to see some truly magnificent specimens. Set in an old Victorian-style house, the museum also has a gift shop where you can pick up a necklace or other pieces of fine jewelry crafted from true, golden Amber.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 9 -- Mount Isabel de Torres

Located in Puerto Plata, a visit to Mount Isabel de Torres provides some spectacular sights. Have your camera ready as your trip begins with a cable car ride to the top. Once at the top, you can expect an incredible view of the Dominican Republic geography, stand in the shadow of the huge statue of Christ and enjoy a heavenly botanical garden full of blooming flowers. There's even a restaurant should hunger strike.

Dominican Republic Site Seeing: Top 10 Attractions No. 10 -- Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavon is a replica of a 16th century Spanish village. Scenically located atop the cliffs overlooking the Chavon River, the village is home to numerous art galleries, shops and an archeological museum.

Discover These and Other Dominican Republic Sights

The Internet is your best source for finding out more about these, and many other worthwhile sights in the Dominican Republic. Before your Dominican Republic vacation, be sure to research and plan your itinerary so you can get the most out of the visit during your time on this tropical island paradise.

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