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Sailing in Charles River, Boston, MA

Doing Boston on a Budget

It's no secret that East Coast vacations aren't always associated with being budget-friendly. However, if you're willing to skillfully plan a Boston vacation, you'll quickly see just how affordable this New England city can be. The first thing that you'll want to consider is how to make your vacation budget as big as possible by cutting a few costs off of every day conveniences. Securing one of the Cheap flights to Boston, as well as knowing how to get the best deals on Boston hotels, can both be essential when planning your budget trip. And once you cut out five bucks here and five bucks there, your budget for Boston will grow noticeably in a couple weeks time. Once you've accumulated a budget allotment of what you can spend on your Boston trip, you can begin planning your trip through discounted services.

Traveling to Boston on a Budget

Before getting ahead of yourself, there are important things to consider when you travel to Boston on a budget. 1.) You have to get there. 2.) You'll need room accommodations. 3.) You have to eat -- although fasting is always an option, you probably want to enjoy your trip to Boston. 4.) You'll need a reliable form of transportation.

Boston Transportation

Boston has a wonderful public transportation system. You may not be familiar with riding the rails and buses to get where you're wanting to go, but give yourself a couple days and you'll be a pro. You can now cut the $200 you might have needed for car rental, spend $20 for a bus and metro pass, $5 on a good map and you're set to rely on mass transit!

Boston Food

In regards to what you'll eat while in Bean Town, you should have no problem keeping your food budget to a minimum at many of the Boston restaurants. You won't have to starve yourself, but there's really no need to over-indulge. It's actually much more important that you stay hydrated during your visit so your energy level is plentiful enough to sustain all the exciting activity. You'll have the choice of fast food restaurants everywhere you go, and great little specialty places that can whip up quite a meal for a fraction of what you might think. Also, don't be afraid of the local delis -- you can find them on nearly every corner. Having lived for years on the East Coast, I'll vouch for them -- you may not find a better sandwich at a better price!

When your pocketbook isn’t fully loaded, and you want something that offers "sustenance," consider a few places such as Dalu, just across the Charles River in Cambridge. This place is truly a hole in the wall. It’s still new enough that not many people know it exists. However, if you stop by, know that it's take out only. It is recommended that you try the Jamaican jerk chicken if you enjoy the perfect mixture of sweet and salty spiced meat -- it's boneless, tender and delicious. They offer a modest choice of sandwiches, and regardless of what you order, you can plan to spend less than $10.
Another inexpensive hunger fix can be found at the famous Boston Beer Works. You can find this traditional beer and burger joint across from Fenway Park. It's a great place to enjoy a juicy burger, french fries and one of several mircro-brews. The lunch hour is the best time to stop by if you're looking for a quick bite. On the other hand, if you're looking for a hopping social scene, drop by later in the afternoon or evening.

Boston Travel and Its Nice, Cozy Beds

Congratulations, you've made it this far on a budget, and now you're thinking, "This is where my budget gets busted." On the contrary, you should have no problem finding a great deal on a flight and a clean, reasonable Boston hotel room that will offer you some peace and quiet after a long day of exploration around the city. Look into purchasing both a flight and a room in a package deal, and you’ll save considerably. And if you're incredibly savvy and are willing to bid on your flight and room, your budget will become even more accommodating. Don't be afraid of your power to negotiate! If such power didn't exist, neither would the word "budget."

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