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How To Do Las Vegas On A Budget

When you mention the city of Las Vegas, dollar signs light up in your eyes. Whether they show up because you're thinking about how much you will win while you're there, or they show up because you're thinking about how much it's going to cost you to get there, Vegas is always associated with money. Due to all the glitz and glamour, the bright lights and the sexy people, many would-be visitors worry about having the money to make the visit a memorable one.

The good news is that you can still experience the thrill of Las Vegas, even if you're on a budget. You just have to plan your trip a little smarter and realize that you can't take part in a high-stakes game of Poker. Luckily, Vegas has many, many inexpensive opportunities for you to turn that handful of bills into a bankroll! Here's how to do Vegas on a budget.

Enjoying Vegas On A Budget - Your Flight

Finding cheap flights to Las Vegas should be relatively easy. Thanks to the speed and the convenience of the Internet, you can compare flights and rates to Sin City in no time. For the budget-conscious traveler, you'll want to try to keep your flight arranged for a mid-week departure. This is a less busy travel time and you can grab yourself a great deal on airfare. The Las Vegas flights that often save the most are the red-eyes, so you should also look into them if you want to shave even more off the cost of your ticket. Don't forget to check your rewards points on your credit cards if you have any, you may even have a free ticket waiting for you.

Enjoying Vegas On A Budget - Your Hotel

If you're working within a budget, you should already expect not to book a room at the Mandalay Bay or the MGM Grand. So, where can you find comfortable lodgings and still be close to the action of the Strip? The New Frontier is situated at the Northern end of the Strip and it offers a well appointed stay and plenty of amenities, including its own 100,000 square foot casino! The Downtowner Motel is a classic-styled two-story motor inn situated in downtown Las Vegas, just a short way from the Strip. Choosing a comfortable motel, slightly off the beaten path will give you a relaxing room and still save you money to indulge yourself on the Strip. These accommodations and more can be easily found on the Internet, and some even offer Internet-only discounts that will save you even more!

Enjoying Vegas On A Budget - Your Meals

Sure, a nice juicy steak at Emeril's would be nice, but you're on a budget, so let's look elsewhere. It is vital to know where to eat in Las Vegas when you're on a budget. In Vegas, there are ample dining opportunities that won't dent your savings. For instance, the Vegas fast-food staple, In-N-Out offers up tantalizing burgers and fries to keep you filled all night long. For breakfast, start your day off at the fine buffet offered up at Buffalo Bill's where you can stave off last night's activities for only $5.95. For lunch, the Fiesta Rancho offers delicious eats, buffet-style for only $5.99. Later in the day, take in a scrumptious crab leg buffet dinner for only $9.99 at the Gold Strike. These are just some of the many buffet's available throughout Sin City. In addition, most of the hotels and casinos also offer their own buffets that may be a little more expensive, but they're still reasonable.

Enjoying Vegas On A Budget - Casinos

The Casino Royale is one of the top Las Vegas casinos on the strip to enjoy low-limit games with their $3 craps tables and $5 blackjack tables. Slightly off the Strip, but just as exciting, is the Boulder Station, where $3 table games are common and you can go as low as 50-cent chips for the roulette wheel. Nevada Palace is also off-Strip, but for the budget gambler, there's nothing better. With dollar blackjack and dollar craps, build your fortune here before you head out onto the Strip. Hey, who knows, you may even return home with more money than you came to Vegas with in the first place!

Plan smart, be realistic about your available funds and your accommodations and try to catch one those great Las Vegas all-inclusive packages. In Vegas, life moves fast and your trip will seem like it's over before you know it. Enjoy the vacation that your budget permits and you'll have a grand ol' time in Sin City. Hey, besides everything else, you're in Vegas, baby!

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