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Vatican in Rome, Italy

How To Explore Rome Italy In 3 Days

Rome, Italy is a majestic vacation spot. The emotionally inspiring works of Michelangelo, the spiritual allure of the Vatican and the timeless impression of the Colosseum are just three reasons why Rome is such an esteemed and highly revered tourist destination. To discover the remaining reasons fully, you would need to spend a year and a day in Italy's capital. But what if you only have three days in "The Eternal City?" What would be the primary points of attraction? How should you plan your visit? To put these questions to rest, here's how to explore Rome, Italy in three days.

Exploring Rome, Italy -- Day One

With an area of 580 square miles, Rome, Italy is no small city, but on the first day of your visit, you should stick to the area around Palatine Hill. Here, you will find the classic architecture of the Roman Empire like the Colosseum, the Pantheon at Piazza de la Rotonda and the stunning view from atop the Roman Forum. Take a mid-afternoon break and enjoy a refreshing ice cream from one of the local gelaterias. Then, you can visit Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio as well as the famous Trevi Fountain. While there, shop along some of Rome's most glamorous shops and boutiques before heading to Trastevere's array of casual and fine dining options. Enjoy a dinner of Scaloppine alla romana or a classic Roman pizza for the ideal Roman feast. After dinner, relax to some entertainment with a traditional cup of Italian caffe (coffee).

Exploring Rome, Italy -- Day Two

Leave your hotel in Rome, Italy on your second day. You will do no better than to visit Vatican City, which is in fact, the smallest country in the world. Regardless of your religious preference, the Vatican is an incredible experience and is home to some of the most famous works of art ever to grace the Earth. The masterwork of Michelangelo adorns the vaulted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the magnificent statuary of St. Peter's Square and the massive grandeur of St. Peter's Basilica must been seen to be appreciated.

The Vatican Museum is one of the most accomplished collections of art in Europe and it's one of the most famous museums in the world making it the most popular location for Italy tours. It also makes the perfect location for a light lunch at its included restaurant or pizzeria. Due to the popularity of the Vatican, plan on getting there early to beat the crowds and for the best experience. Later in the afternoon, visit the colorful Campo de Fiori and decide where to eat dinner at the various restaurants near Piazza Navona. In this area, the nightclubs stay open past midnight, so get your groove on and party the night away in Italy!

Exploring Rome, Italy -- Day Three

On the third day of your visit to Rome, there's still plenty more to see. You can begin the day visiting the Baths of Diocletian at Piazza Republica, Rome's largest bathhouse dating back to 300 A.D., then view the fabulous art displays at Borghese Gallery and see the original pathway to Ancient Rome, the Ancient Appian Way. Or, take an hour's drive out to see the enchanting seaport of Ostia Antica and enjoy some fine Mediterranean food there as well.

By planning your time wisely and sticking to generalized areas during each day, your three-day visit to Rome can be filled with pleasurable experiences rather than traveling from place to place. Of course, how you choose to see Rome is ultimately up to you. Perhaps you would rather see the Vatican on day one, that's OK. As long as you keep to localized areas, you will still be able to maximize your Italy travel.

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