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How to Get Cheap Las Vegas Show Tickets

Disappearing elephants, hypnotizing stunts, scantily clad women, big-name performers. Next to the action of the world's most famous casinos, these are the reasons people flock to Las Vegas each week of the year. In fact, some of the big ticket shows like The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil, are so popular, that they can be sold out months in advance, which can make it nearly impossible, or extremely expensive, to get tickets. However, the great thing about Las Vegas is that even if the big-ticket show is sold out, there are still many smaller shows and performances well worth a look and you may even be able to get the tickets on the cheap!

Finding Cheap Las Vegas Show Tickets

The best way to secure some tickets to the Barry Manilow, David Copperfield or the Beatles LOVE performance during your visit to Las Vegas is to plan your trip as far in advance as you possibly can. Once you have your vacation time-off approved from your employer, immediately hit the Internet to see if you can find any deals on Las Vegas show tickets for the shows that you are eager to see. If you're trying a few months early to grab some tickets and it's already telling you that the show is sold out, then log on to a travel agency website.

Travel websites will usually have a variety of Las Vegas package deals where you can get your flight, your accommodations and tickets to some of the hottest shows in Vegas all in one easy transaction. You can usually save yourself some money by booking your trip by this means. Again, the earlier you plan and book, the better your chances are of hearing "Mandy."

Still Can't Grab Cheap Tickets to Vegas Shows?

If you can't book your vacation that far in advance, or you keep hitting a dead end on those elusive Manilow tickets, there's always a few alternative ways of securing some tickets. Here are a few:

* Concierge Convenience - Remember, you are in Vegas, so a little palm greasing can go a long way in this town. Your hotel's concierge could very well be one of the most powerful people you'll meet in Sin City. He can sometimes make the impossible, all of a sudden, possible. A little well placed tip in your concierge's palm just might, quite possibly, be the edge you need in securing those prized tickets.

* Casino Perks - If this isn't your first time to Vegas and you frequent one hotel every time you go, you may have some casino perks waiting for you. This is when the hotel gives you tickets at a discounted price for being loyal to their hotel and casino.

* Online Auctions - Big name Vegas tickets can sometimes show up on Internet-run auction websites. Usually, it's not advisable to use these sites for tickets because of the possibility of counterfeit ones. Before you search an auction website, you should exhaust all other means of acquiring tickets.

Sorry, No Cheap Tickets for the Big Name Vegas Show

If you're still unlucky in your search for the Manilow tickets, or whatever the hottest show is at the time of your vacation, then don't get too upset. There are hundreds of shows in Vegas that are equally entertaining, which have available tickets. Many of these acts are unlike anything you can see anywhere else in the world and some others are practically Vegas staples. You can find discounts to shows like these in the coupon book that most Las Vegas hotels offer their guests.

Lastly, if the spouse is truly upset about missing Manilow, never fear, just take him or her to one of the incredible impersonator shows, they'll be able to see not only Barry Manilow, but Cher, Bette Midler, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion and many others - all in one show!

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