How To Plan An Affordable Italy Vacation

It can be easy to get nervous about the cost of visiting an incredible country like Italy. With the country's luxurious hotels, spectacular art galleries and museums, not to mention the food and wine, it would seem that an Italian vacation is beyond the reach of all but the most fortunate. However, that's simply not the case! In fact, Italy can be an undeniably enjoyable vacation for any budget range. All it takes is a little planning and research, and you can explore the best of Italy, right alongside the bigwig CEO of the company you work for. Here's how to plan an affordable Italy vacation.

When to Plan Your Affordable Vacation to Italy

Italy's most visited months are May, June, September and October, when the pleasant weather brings in troves of visitors. By planning your vacation during one of the off-season months, you can significantly reduce the amount you'll spend on not only Italy flights, but your hotel accommodations as well. Don't plan to visit the last two weeks of August because that's when the entire country takes its own vacation. It’s true; the entire country universally closes up shop and heads to the beaches or their own vacation destinations.

How to Plan Your Affordable Vacation to Italy

The modern traveler has the benefit of using the Internet to help them find the best prices for everything from their airfare to their 220 Volt plug-in adapters. The Internet can also help you find great travel packages that include all of your essential costs, or even all-inclusive deals, which take care of absolutely everything on your itinerary, even meals and drinks.

How to Plan Affordable Travel in Italy

Many Italy travel experts agree that focusing on a single Italian city provides the best overall experience during a visit. However, some travelers wish to see as much of what Italy has to offer even if it means missing a hidden treasure right under their hotel window. For this type of traveler, they may find taxis and trains to be more expensive than they had expected. Visitors can look into getting a One-Country Pass or a Eurailpass Saver ticket to help defray the costs of traveling by train across Italy. Since many of the greatest sights in Italy's cities are within walking distance, buy a quality pair of walking shoes before your visit and you can save a ton on travel expenses, and get to see the sights up close and personal.

How to Plan Affordable Accommodations in Italy

Hotels in Italy run from the opulence of luxury five-star hotels to inexpensive bargain hotels. When looking for an inexpensive place to stay, look for accommodations that share a bathroom. This can help reduce the cost of your room. If you're booking a room at a hotel with community bathrooms, ask them how many rooms share the bathrooms. If you're traveling in the off-season and only two rooms share the bath, there's a good chance you may have it all to yourself anyway. You'll also want to be wary of the room's minibar as the items included there can be exorbitantly priced.

Where to Enjoy Affordable Meals in Italy

Italy is home to some of the best eats in the world, so plan your sampling wisely. In Italy, meal prices are higher if you order to eat at a table compared to eating at the bar. It can also be considered inconsiderate not to order the entire coursed meal offered at many restaurants, so if you don't have an entire meal in your budget, find a spot that provides smaller meals. Before heading to Italy, research the restaurants to see which ones you would like to try, or while there, ask the locals for the best inexpensive place to satisfy your urgings.

Affordable Sights in Italy

A saunter down the street provides an incredible look into Italy's scenic wonders of architecture and it provides plenty of photographic opportunities for free. There are also always free concerts in the parks located in Italy’s cities. A good place to find out about them is through your hotel or local Tourist Information Office. You can also get reduced prices on many admission tickets to some of the most popular attractions and museums if you're a senior citizen or traveling student.

Enjoying an Affordable Vacation in Italy

Simple planning and a flexible attitude can help save the budget-conscious traveler a lot of money on a great vacation to Italy. By accepting your budget and working within it, you can easily plan an affordable vacation, avoid packaged Italy tours, and ultimately experience what Italy is renowned for having.

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