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Ocean Drive in Miami, FL

Miami Florida

Speedboats roaring over the waves, sexy sports cars with even sexier people driving them -- these are common images when one thinks of Miami, Florida. While no longer the neon-covered landscape made popular in the '80s by a certain TV show, one thing remains -- Miami is one hot city, and not only in terms of the weather!

Modern day Miami, Florida, is a city on the move. With new buildings consistently spawning along the city skyline, it's fast becoming an economic and cultural force. As far as the atmosphere of Miami? It's as sexy as ever!

The New Face of Miami, Florida

Miami is a city that continues to grow, but it still holds fast to its cultural roots. Modern businesses, trend-setting nightclubs and restaurants and world-class resorts co-exist in an environment dedicated to the city's Spanish origins. In fact, Spanish is the language of choice in Miami. As a testament to the impeccable taste of the city, Miami is largely considered one of the foremost leaders in fashion and trends in the United States, making it a hot spot for Florida vacations.

The Sights of Miami, Florida

If you can tear yourself away from the pleasure of Miami's beaches, then make sure you take the time to check out these worthy attractions.

* The Bass Museum of Art
The Bass Museum of Art houses an impressive collection of artworks from the 15th to the 20th Centuries. The exhibit's highlight includes selections of Baroque and Northern European masterpieces.

* The Coral Castle
One of the strangest yet fascinating constructions on the planet, the Coral Castle is a complex made entirely from enormous stones. The odd thing is that it was all built by one man, who was just over 5-feet tall and 100 pounds, without the use of any modern equipment. So how did he manage to move over 1,100 tons of stone? Nobody knows!

* The Ancient Spanish Monastery
Another strange tale from Miami's past is the one regarding the Ancient Spanish Monastery. Originally built in Spain in 1141, publishing billionaire William Randolph Hearst purchased it in 1925 to bring it to California. It wound up sitting in New York's harbor until 1954, two years after Hearst's death. It was rebuilt in Miami after being bought at an auction.

Where to Eat in Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida not only leads the way in the fashion industry, it's also home to some of the hottest restaurants in America. The fine dining at the Blue Door Restaurant, Chef Allen’s and the impeccable NOBU is always innovative and inspired. In addition, BED creates a unique fusion of delicious cuisine, cocktails and comfortable beds on which to enjoy them all. Just because it's not a "fine dining" establishment, it doesn't make it any easier to get into the Grass Restaurant and Lounge. The exceptional food and trendy digs make this an extremely popular Miami eatery.

Where to Sleep in Miami, Florida

From the most luxurious of Florida hotels to value-priced comfort and quality, every income level can find accommodations to fit their budget. The Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort offers five-Star refinement and impressive attributes. With 375 rooms of sumptuous details as only Trump can provide, the guest can revel in sheer decadence for $249 per night.

On the other side of the coin, the comfortable accommodations at the Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach Spa will only run you around $69 per night. Guests can enjoy traditional Howard Johnson quality, spa treatments and delicious dining. Located in the Art Deco District, you'll also be conveniently close to many attractions. The Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach Spa features 225 exceptionally valued rooms.

Although known for its vibrant nightlife, the color and excitement of this culturally rich Florida city offers abundant daylight options for the adventuresome traveler.

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