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Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Orlando

If you're hoping to see all Orlando has to offer, hopefully you're planning on staying for several weeks! Without a doubt, there are those attractions that are incredibly obvious, and advertised nationally via a little medium known as television -- and they're all worth a visit. However, beyond the great attractions that are of incredible corporate sponsorship, you'll find that there are even more things to do and see in and around Orlando that you may have heard very little or nothing about. Whether you're there in search of gators, or to ride so many roller coasters you can't see straight, you'll have no problem finding it all on your Orlando vacation!

Orlando's Theme Parks

There are simply too many to list in detail, but you've certainly already heard of places such as Disney World Orlando, Universal Studios and Sea World. If you multiply those names by their multiple properties and attractions, you'll have a much better idea of what awaits your arrival in Orlando. You could literally spend multiple days at these parks, and still not ride every ride or visit every attraction. Every one of these parks will capture the imagination of each visitor -- from a wide-eyed child chasing Mickey and Minnie, to an 80 year-old engineer marveling at the feat of today's modern thrill rides.

Downtown Disney

Part of the Disney complex, Downtown Disney is a perfect way for the "big kids" to cut loose after hours. Pleasure Island (known locally as P.I.) celebrates each evening as if it were New Year's Eve, complete with a count down and dancing in the streets. There are 7 clubs to peruse, with themes ranging from R&B and Hip-Hop, to Trance, to live music at the Rock 'n Roll Beach Club. Take your party onto the private P.I. streets where you'll find servers with Jello shots and drinks for purchase, as well as loads of live entertainment.

Gatorland in Orlando

If you're looking for a few hours to kill, and you want to be entertained and get up close and personal with a few modern dinosaurs, then Gatorland is a perfect choice for an Orlando attraction. You may want to bring a blindfold or be prepared to cover your eyes as the handlers get right up in some gator grills. Gatorland is a must if you're traveling with the kiddos, or if you've never witnessed the power and mysterious nature of these ancient animals.

WonderWorks Orlando

Another great attraction for the whole family that won't steal away an entire Orlando day, WonderWorks offers some wonderful, hands-on scientific discovery, as well as an all-around great time. When you're driving down International Drive, just look for the upside down mansion, and you'll know you've found WonderWorks.

Cape Canaveral -- Kennedy Space Center

Head east from Orlando toward the Atlantic Ocean, and everything you've witnessed on TV for years, finally becomes a reality. Regardless of your age, you'll feel about 9 years-old again. If you happen to be around during a scheduled shuttle launch, reschedule your day around the event. It is a true scientific phenomenon, and not to be missed.

There are so many attractions to choose from in Orlando, you simply need to hop in a car and keep your eyes open! You won't have to go more than 50 feet to find something worth stopping for.

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