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New York City Restaurant Reviews

Food choices in New York City? Are you kidding me? The Big Apple has a smorgasbord of deliciousness situated on nearly every street corner. In the mood for crispy thin crust NYC-style pizza? No problemo! Do you want to wrap your mouth around a fat, juicy burger? Got that too! Hey, how about a PB&J sandwich with foie gras? Yo, whassamatta you? Yep, only in New York City!

One of the hardest, yet most enjoyable jobs in the world has to be that of a food critic providing New York City restaurant reviews. There are so many New York restaurants, including domestic and international cuisines. From small mom and pop delis to modern, eclectic fine dining establishments, it seems as if there's a new restaurant opening each week. If you live in the city, then you know all about the keepsake eateries that provide outstanding value along with their distinguished cuisine. But if you're planning a bit of New York City travel, then you may need help finding a dining experience to match the excitement of the city itself. One word of caution - New Yorkers are seriously passionate about their favorite establishments. If you ask a couple of locals about the best place to grab a steak and fries, you may just find yourself dodging swings!

Top New York City Eateries

Many of the restaurants have adopted the city's attitude in their cuisine, making the experience of dining out one of the top things to do in New York. Large, over the top and in your face flavors and portions combine for a truly unique and delicious eating experience unlike anywhere in the world. Here are some incredible eateries that are commonly found at the top of New York City's restaurant reviews.

* Uncle Jack's Steakhouse - With locations in both Manhattan and Queens, this classic steakhouse will overwhelm you with their generous portions of their savory delights. Before you leave, you better pick up a bottle of Uncle Jack's Steak Sauce, because you'll find that after you've tasted it, a steak will never be the same without it! Uncle Jack's takes you back to a time when a steak was a steak and quality meant something.

* Havana Central - If the menu at Havana Central can't satisfy your craving for Cuban cuisine, then the only thing left for you to do is charter a flight. With a full scale of Cuban delicacies available for brunch, lunch and dinner, you're in for a treat no matter what time of day you walk into the rich, ornate restaurant. With restaurants in Times Square, Union Square and the West End, your Cuban fix isn't far away. Stop in for lunch and try one of their famed hot-pressed Cuban sandwiches with a side of sweet potato fries, you'll think you died and went to Cuba!

* Barbuto - It may not look like it, but Barbuto offers some of the best Italian fare in New York City. Due to the level of quality demanded by the head chef, the menu at Barbuto is frequently altered to take advantage of the day's freshest produce. In nice weather, enjoy your meal at a sidewalk-lined table in the open air.

* Oriental Garden – Oriental Garden offers traditional Chinese fare that's more than a few steps above most Chinese restaurants. If you really want your doors blown off, give the chef specialties a shot. With prices remarkably reasonable for such exquisite cuisine, you may want to leave quickly thinking that your check is a mistake!

New York City's Restaurant Reviews

If you're looking to come to New York City to try some of the incredible cuisine that can be found there, then these four specialty restaurants are great places to start. Of course, through your own research, which may include personal recommendations, a tip from the staff at your New York hotel, online restaurant reviews or just plain throwing a dart at the map, you can find thousands of dining alternatives that can greatly enhance your travel experience.

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