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Niagara Falls Flights

If you're looking for a getaway you'll never forget, experience the majesty and wonder of Niagara Falls! Flights to Niagara Falls are plentiful, as it is a major tourist attraction. In fact, approximately 16 million travelers choose it as their No. 1 vacation destination each year! And its proximity to major metropolitan areas such as New York and Toronto makes it an extremely affordable and attractive vacation option for residents of these two cities. However, for vacationers who live further away, flying to Niagara Falls on a budget is extremely desirable. Here are some helpful tips for finding Niagara Falls flights that will help ease the crunch of ticket prices, and put extra money in your pocket for your adventures!

Finding Affordable Flights to Niagara Falls -- Let Your Fingers Do the Work

The Internet should be the first place you turn to in your search for bargain Niagara Falls flights. There are countless travel websites that will list the airfares for you in a side-by-side comparison window. Picking the flight for your Niagara Falls vacation is easy and can be booked through these online travel companies. But for those of you that are not happy with the results you see, consider websites that allow you to bid on a ticket by setting your own lower, alternative price. It is possible to save as much as $40 to $70 on a single round-trip ticket. With savings as big as this, websites that offer the bidding alternative cannot afford to be missed!

Using Aggregator Web Sites to Find Flights to Niagara Falls

Most travelers first turn to the budget airlines, such as Southwest and JetBlue, for the cheapest tickets. These airlines are favorites because they offer no-frills service and routinely make their estimated travel times. However, most of the budget airlines do not advertise their flights on the usual travel websites. Customers either have to visit the company website or call the airlines directly to see which Niagara Falls flights are available and at what prices. There are four airports that service the Niagara Falls area, two on the American side and two and the Niagara Falls, Canada side.

The two U.S. airports are the Niagara Falls International Airport and the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Buffalo International has the following carriers: Airtran, American Eagle, Continental, Comair/Delta, JetBlue, Northwest, Prior Aviation, Southwest, United, US Airways and US Airways Express. The Niagara Falls Airport only has a handful of smaller carriers such as Myrtle Beach Direct Air and Xtra Airways. However, there are plans to build an additional terminal and reach out to other smaller budget airlines in the future. On the Niagara Falls, Ontario side, the Toronto Pearson International Airport services most major airlines with the exception of some smaller carriers such as Southwest and JetBlue. The Hamilton International Airport located in Mount Hope, Ontario, and has the following carriers: WestJet, Sunquest, FlyGlobeSpan, Transit Holidays and Air Canada.

Bargain Flight Networking 1.0

Friends and family are an essential resource in helping you find cheap Niagara Falls flights. If you know anyone like a co-worker or family member who has visited Niagara Falls, be sure to ask him or her if they pocketed any money by getting great deals on airfare. You never know, they may be able to point you in the direction of a resource that you never knew existed, or give you tips and advice that can help save you money. Discussion boards have become increasingly popular in the last five years and can be an amazing opportunity to network with other travelers and discuss the best ways to save those precious dollars!

Deals on flights to Niagara Falls are out there waiting for you to find them. Don’t rely on one method only to help find you the best deals. Try numerous avenues and you are sure to be a witness to your own personal cascading, waterfall of savings!

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