Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Mix together one part beautiful white beaches, one part stunning sunsets, one part impeccable cuisine and then add a dash of rum, and you have yourself a recipe for a memorable vacation in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is home to a vast landscape of picturesque beauty. With gorgeous mountain backdrops and verdant valleys, everywhere you look you'll have to stop for a minute to take in the view.

A home to some of the warmest and friendliest people in the world, Puerto Rico will open her arms to you as you experience the vacation of a lifetime. However, you must be warned. When you return home from your island retreat, colors may look less vibrant, the air may not smell as clean and you may find yourself with an intense longing to return to Puerto Rico!

The Magic of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico places a spell on those that visit her magical land. Simply put, you won't want to leave this tropical paradise. As you relax on the silky sand that covers the Puerto Rico beaches, you'll be overwhelmed with a sense of serenity as you watch the sunset turn the ocean into a giant pool of golden water. With the palm trees gently swaying to the warm breeze coming off the Caribbean Sea, this oasis will show you sights you can't experience anywhere else in the world.

A land rich with rain forests, caves, deserts, beaches, oceans and rivers, Puerto Rico is a cornucopia of nature's majesty. Taking a horseback ride through the Caribbean National Forest of El Yunque Peak will take you past 50 species of fern, 20 varieties of colorful orchids and other indigenous flowers and 240 species of trees.

Puerto Rico is also an adventurer's dream vacation. From the massive network of subterranean caves to sport diving off the coast of Mona Island, there's an adrenaline rush whenever you need it.

The Tasty Side of Puerto Rico

The perfect compliment to the beautiful surroundings is Puerto Rico's delicious island cuisine. A blend of Spanish, American, African and Taíno influences, Puerto Rico food is as complex, gorgeous and satisfying as the landscape. As you walk into a restaurant, your mouth will begin to water as you smell the compelling aromas wafting out from the kitchen. An intoxicating blend of meats rubbed with adobo spices, hearty stews, fresh seafood and the festive barbecue pig will have you sitting in anticipation for your scrumptious meal. Of course, the drink of choice is rum, made on the island itself. After dinner, sit back, pat your belly and relax with a cup of strong, black Puerto Rican coffee. Take a sip and gaze out the window as the sun begins its evening dip into the sea. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Planning Your Escape to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is here, waiting for you. All you have to do to enjoy her exhilarating experience is to plan your Puerto Rico vacation. Thanks to the year-round sun and warmth, clothing is a minimal requirement on the island, so packing won't take you long! And thanks to the Internet, planning your trip will be quick and easy as well. On the Internet, you can plan, reserve and pay for your Puerto Rico all in one easy transaction. Your flight to Puerto Rico, accommodations and even some tour itinerary can be coordinated and planned completely online and in doing so, you can probably find a great deal on a travel package to Puerto Rico.

Do yourself a favor. Plan an escape and pick up one of the many available travel deals to Puerto Rico for your next vacation. The beauty, the magic, the tastes and adventure are all here. The only thing that's missing is you.

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