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Vatican in Rome, Italy

Rome Italy

Modernity and antiquity collide in the city of Rome. The former capital of a massive empire, Rome is a study of contrasts. Once thought of as the center of the known universe, Rome has a rich, diverse collection of historical landmarks and contemporary attractions. Rome, Italy features a one-of-a-kind beauty that simply must be experienced in person. The ancient city of Rome invites lovers of culture, history and architecture, but it’s the vast array of shops, cuisine and entertainment options that keeps travelers coming back for more.

Many Ways to Shop in Rome, Italy

Anyone living and breathing knows the name Gucci and Armani. Rome, Italy is home to the infamous Trastevere, the largest outdoor markets you’ll ever see. Every Sunday, merchants dealing everything from jewelry to fresh produce and house wares can be found here. There are also a number of smaller independently owned clothing boutiques offering the finest fabrics and clothing at half the designer costs. High fashion shoppers will be in haute couture heaven at the Piazza di Spagna. The path from the Spanish Steps to the Piazza del Popolo is lined with some of the finest designer shops in the world. The Via del Corso is a great shopping spot for younger travelers.

The hustle and bustle of this busy marketplace area caters to shoppers who are a bit more adventurous. At the Viale Marconi, you’ll find the Gruppo Clark department store. Vacationers looking to take advantage of seasonal sales will find amazing deals here. Porta Portese is home to a huge flea market that takes place every Sunday. Bargain hunters searching for buried treasures are sure to find some interesting items in the most famous flea market in Rome, Italy. There are many things you should know when shopping to avoid being rude or drawing attention to yourself and you can read about all of them in Essential Travel Information Before Going to Italy.

Dining Out in Rome, Italy

The fine cuisine of Rome is as an elegant mix of simple yet satisfying dishes, such as the baked pasta from Enoteca Corsi. If you're minding your budget, but still looking to fill your belly, try Pizzaria da Baffetto. The pizzas are robust with flavor and big enough to feed even the largest groups. If your tastes are more refined, be sure to try the risotto made in a delicate sauce and paired with the freshest vegetables.

Romantic Dining in Rome, Italy

Vacationers who are looking for a cozy atmosphere and amazing food should check out Il Convivio. Located just off the Via dei Soldati in the hidden folds of an alleyway (near the Piazza Navona), this famed restaurant features excellent dishes like succulent Guinea fowl's breast served in mustard crust with small tomatoes and a fried wing, a variety of lamb creations and intricate deserts that will satisfy even the most sophisticated sweet tooth.

Wine Lovers Also Love Rome

Travelers looking for a timeless wine tasting experience will have no shortage of options in Rome. The Trimani Wine Bar has an accessible atmosphere and a detailed wine list that includes libations from France and Italy. Happy hour is in effect from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you want to enjoy two glasses of wine for the price of one, take advantage of this evening treat. Gusto, near the Piazza di Spagna, features a long bar and a lively, younger crowd.

One of the Best in Rome, Italy

Ristorante Tre Scalini in the Piazza Navona is an amazing establishment that captures the essence of Roman cuisine. The restaurant is housed in an inn that dates back to the Napoleonic Era. Traditional pasta dishes will fill your belly, but make sure you save room for a tasty serving of Italian gelato.

Entertainment and Culture All Around

Tune in to Rome's storied culture by experiencing the city’s upscale entertainment and music. Classical concerts are held year round at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia. In the summer, concerts are held outdoors and the music of the worlds most celebrated composers can be heard from miles around. The club scene in Rome isn’t just for young adults. Romans and tourists of all ages love to disco in this ancient dance capital. Vacationers looking to get busy on the dance floor should check out Locale and Alpheus.

If you are searching for a theatrical event, you can experience many of the great works of Shakespeare and countless Greek tragedies at the Teatro Ghinoe. The Teatro della Cometa, (which features a young audience) and the Teatro Flaiano (known for its abundance of satirical plays) are excellent venues for comedies.

Sights of Rome, Italy

The Colosseum is the most visited attraction in Rome, Italy and a great place for Italy tours. This massive, gutted stadium that featured epic, gory gladiator battles has to be high on your list of must-visit locations in Rome, Italy Walking through the ruins of the adjacent Roman Forum will give you an antiquated sense of the grandeur of this ancient city.

A trip to St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Vatican is also mandatory. Whether you go to spot the Pope, glimpse at the Sistine Chapel or sneak a peek at the Swiss guards outside of St. Peter’s Cathedral, you will marvel and at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. Travelers of all faiths will enjoy the priceless art and timeless architecture of the Vatican. If you travel in the summer, remember to wear long sleeves and pants. If your shoulders or legs are fully exposed, you will be refused entry into St. Peter’s Cathedral.

The great thing about Rome is that there are so many places of interest in close proximity of one another, and close to the hotels in Rome, Italy. After checking out the Colosseum and the Vatican, you can walk to the Trevi Fountain and wonder at the detail of this ornate aquatic masterpiece. The abundance of historical places of interest is almost overwhelming. You’ll be walking along looking for the next spot, and before you know it, you’ll bump into the Spanish Steps or the Pantheon temple. Let’s just say that investing in a map is mandatory. You don’t want any of the city’s highlights to slip through the cracks!

Rome epitomizes beauty, history and elegance. No matter how you plan to absorb the city’s dense cultural richness, you will certainly not be disappointed. And if you're on a time constraint, check out how to explore Rome, Italy in 3 days.

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