Thailand Beaches

Cuddle with your loved one beneath a towering palm tree, with only a few yards of snowy white sand between you and the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand. It's a gorgeous vision, and one you will remember forever when you visit the beaches on your Thailand vacation. These world famous beaches make for the ideal destination to release your everyday worries and simply enjoy life's easy pleasures. A golden-hued sunset viewed with your partner can be the romantic spark you've been looking for. You can almost feel your soul be soothed as the rolling waves bring to shore the salt-scented breeze from beyond.

Thailand's beaches vary in size and styles. From remote, wind-swept corners where it feels like you're alone on the planet to long stretches of beach filled with colorful tourists, Thailand has it all. Here's a guide to Thailand beaches that should help you decide where to catch some rays once you depart from your Thailand hotel.

The Beaches of Thailand

On the island of Samui lies one of the most favored beaches in Thailand. Chaweng Beach is a gorgeous stretch of powdery sand where the horizon is as endless as your enjoyment. Thanks to the coral reef that borders the island, the surf on Chaweng Beach is calm, making it a delight for families with children. The prices to stay on Samui tend to be slightly higher than other areas around Thailand, and there's not much to do on the island other than the beach, but for the pure relaxation and visual splendor, Chaweng Beach is hard to top.

The beaches found on Phuket are some of the most popular in all of Thailand. Patong Beach is one of the more congested beaches, but it's not the only one on Phuket. Farther South and West lies Nai Harn Beach, where accommodations are a little more expensive than Patong, but it's a little more exclusive as well. In December, the massive waves at Nai Harn Beach make it a surfer's challenge. The North Western region of Phuket has Nai Thon Beach and Mai Khao Beach. Sea turtles like to use Mai Khao to hatch their eggs between November and January. Nai Thon is one of the more romantic escapes on Phuket.

The Phi Phi Islands were once a hidden and exclusive spot, but since the filming of "The Beach," it has grown in popularity and lost some of its private allure. It now sees over a million visitors a year and it can tend to be a little busy. If you keep clear of Ton Sai Bay and give Loh Dulum Bay a visit, you'll have a more peaceful time.

The beaches of Pattaya have undergone massive changes over the years. Once used by American servicemen, the beach area became a seedy place to visit, but over the years, Thailand has gone to great lengths to change the beach to a family-friendly tourist spot with many fun attractions.

If your Thailand travel is scheduled between December and March, the beaches found at Ko Tarutao National Marine Park are some of the most spectacular you can find in the world. Just be wary of the jellyfish, as they are more active between the months of November and May.

The Re-Emergence of Thailand's Beaches

When the devastating tsunami hit Thailand's beaches in December 2004, many people wondered just how the tourism industry would be affected. Thanks to a massive recovery undertaking and undying effort, it's evident that Thailand's beaches are once again one of the top tourist draws in the world. According to Visa International, January 2007 recorded the highest amount of tourism dollars spent in Phuket since before the 2004 tsunami. So why not hop aboard a flight to Thailand and have a wonderful vacation?

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