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Where to Eat in Las Vegas

In Vegas, everything is better. The lights are brighter, the nights are longer and the action is hotter! And when it comes to cuisine, it doesn't get any better than eating in Las Vegas, baby! With a tremendous selection of world-class restaurants, Vegas has it all - and it's all part of the reason so many people choose Las Vegas as their vacation of choice every single year.

Look Past the Glitz to Find the Best Eats in Las Vegas

It's true that when you travel to Las Vegas, Nevada the Eiffel Tower looks taller, the Statue of Liberty looks more regal and the Pyramid in front of the Luxor Hotel looks glitzier. However, even with the bright spectacle of Vegas constantly in your vision, the bottom line is that good food is good food. As far as international cuisine goes, Vegas restaurants will food from the home country a run for its money any day of the week. So, now that you're taste buds have been awakened, let's look at the p

The Top 7 Places To Eat In Las Vegas

1.) Michael's - Succulent broiled steaks and lobster, tender rack of lamb and sautéed sea bass that simply melts in your mouth are just a few of the traditional favorites served in this cozy and quiet establishment. Away from the hustle and bustle, Michael's velvet and Mahogany rooms hush the outside world to allow you the ultimate relaxing dinner experience.

2.) Circo - You'll swear as you enter the gold and red eatery that you've just stepped through a time portal and arrived in Old World Tuscany. With an honest menu filled with Italian delights, you'll be yelling "Mama Mia!" soon enough! With over 1,000 international wines to choose from, your ideal Italian meal is here in Las Vegas, thousands of miles from the streets of Italy.

3.) Benihana Village - The chefs at Benihana are more than just masters of their cuisine. They're also master entertainers. With teppans (griddles) placed right in front of your table, you'll be amazed at your chef's lightning fast coordination and expertise at creating mouthwatering oriental fare. You get dinner and a show without setting foot in a theatre, making Benihana is one of the best Las Vegas deals.

4.) Andre's - As the name implies, fine French cuisine is the specialty at Andre's. A romantic dining getaway created from an old 1930’s home, Andre's is fine dining to the extreme and has been awarded numerous awards as a result. The pan-seared magret of duck with sautéed spinach is a favorite among many returning diners. And what would a French restaurant be without an incredible wine selection?

5.) Spago - Wolfgang Puck's signature restaurant and the one that placed him on the A-List in Hollywood is now in Las Vegas and the same excellent fare can be expected here. Wolfgang's specialty pizzas are the usual favorites, with the porcini-crusted halibut not too far behind. Keep an eye out, you may not be in Hollywood, but the celebs still frequent Wolfgang's Vegas restaurant.

6.) Nero's - Where else in Vegas can you get a 20 ounce New York strip steak and authentic Maryland crab cakes? How about seared Chilean sea bass with potato gnocchi and whipped lobster broth? At Nero's the menu is expansive and offers pretty much anything you desire.

7.) Hugo's Cellar - A long standing favorite eatery in Las Vegas, Hugo's Cellar offers traditional dinner favorites such as steak, chicken, seafood, lamb and duck. However, there's one thing that sets Hugo's Cellar apart - it's all perfectly prepared! No matter what you order, you can bet that it will be exactly how you want it and it will blow you away. After dinner, try to fit in the Black Forest cake - it's a killer! You simply cannot travel to Las Vegas, Nevada and leave without trying it.

These world-famous restaurants are by no means listed in any type of order. This list is simply compiled for information only, and you can't go wrong at any one of them. So after you book your Las Vegas flight online, be sure to make your dinner reservations. Each of these eateries is impeccable. Which one is the best one? You may just have to try them all and determine it for yourself. Hey, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!

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