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Courtyard By Marriott Hotels

The Courtyard by Marriott customers includes the casual and family travelers as well as the business person. Amenities and features have been designed for comfort, style and room to stretch your legs and relax. Essentially, Marriott has created a chain of hotels that delivers serene interior environments to ease the stress of your vacation while providing a home like atmosphere. Calming colors and "home" like design elements sooth a family and provide a more familiar environment. Large spacious rooms and 24 hour services are perfect for leisure and business travelers and the unexpected needs that can arise on a trip. Most Courtyard by Marriott locations are marked by beautiful landscaping that not only adds to the aesthetics of the hotel but dampen the sound of passing traffic and the noise of the city.

Courtyard by Marriott serves their business customers by providing high speed internet access free of charge via Wi-Fi in Central and North America. Courtyard by Marriott's main customer target is the traveling business person with each location designed to reflect a pleasant and stress free stay. The large rooms feature large desks to provide more comfort for the business traveler for meeting preparation, sales materials as well as general emailing and networking while on the road.

The hotel goes on to offer large and filling breakfasts for the hungry traveler while the majority of the Courtyard by Marriott locations have full service restaurants. A major draw of the hotel to travelers is the 24 hour mini mart that provides a quick snack or small meal anytime of the day. The mini mart is like an all night convenience store with snacks, newspapers, magazines and "quick" food. Breakfast buffets are available either as part of a hotel package or for an additional cost.

With these amenities the Courtyard by Marriott satisfies the needs of your stay and trip. The rooms are all very quiet and the internet access can provide a way of sending pictures of the trip to your friends and family as it is happening. Courtyard by Marriott is located in fun and interesting destinations near top resorts and landmarks. Marriott also offers several other hotel chains to choose from. The Ritz Carlton offers world class luxury to their guests and a myriad of resorts and amenities like spa services and beachside massages at select locations in the tropics and abroad. The Marriott hotel chain also owns the Residence Inn which offers an apartment styled setting for its rooms, perfect for families and larger groups of travelers. Grand Residences by Marriott offers private ownership and the amenities of a resort setting. The Grand Residences are located in London, Kauai Lagoons, and Panama City, Florida. The Grand Residences in Lake Tahoe Nevada offers their clients an alternative to the luxury of condominium living with the flexibility of seasonal rentals. The Grand Residences manage the property while it is not in use so it is ready and able to accept its guests at any time.

While the Courtyard by Marriott is not a luxury hotel, it delivers and provides the peaceful and serene environment needed for the tired and weary. With their high speed internet access and 24 hour mini marts they provide any need and desire of any guest at any time of the day. Most Courtyard by Marriott hotels offer a fitness or workout room for guests that wish to exercise before starting their day of travel. Additionally, the hotels offer pools, hot tubs and at select locations spa amenities such as massages and skin treatments to further pamper their guests. The Courtyard by Marriott Washington Convention Center Hotel treats their guests to a free newspaper Monday through Friday, a pool and hot tub as well as a fitness room. Many of the Courtyard by Marriott hotels have large and spacious commons areas for relaxing and enjoying a morning paper or breakfast buffet. One such Courtyard by Marriott is the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter hotel which offers a large lobby, a business center for business travelers as well as an onsite restaurant, a pool and a hot tub. Most of these amenities are offered at all Courtyard by Marriot hotels but will vary slightly by location.

The Courtyard by Marriott hotels were founded in 1983 and is owned by Marriott International; it was Marriott's first sister hotel chain and was designed to target Holiday Inn's business traveler market. Courtyard Marriott has locations in North and South America, Asia, Europe and all across the United States. As of June in 2007 Courtyard by Marriott has 2,800 hotels worldwide.

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