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The history of the InterContinental Hotels Group is as interesting as it is unusual. The roots of the company can be traced back to 1777 with the first brewery William Bass opened in the United Kingdom. The company remained focused on breweries and pubs exclusively and with various acquisitions became the largest owners of breweries and pubs in the United Kingdom. More than one hundred years after the opening of the initial business, in 1988, the company decided to expand its holdings and bought Holiday Inns International. In 1994 they developed a more upscale brand and in 1998 created an upscale extended stay set of suites. The company continues to reinvent itself and constantly strives to keep each of its holdings contemporary and competitive.

The InterContinental Hotels Group has seven brands located throughout nearly 100 countries. The Inter Continental is the flagship and most prestigious brand. They offer concierge websites and videos specific to the destination. There are more than 158 InterContinental hotels in 60 countries. The Crowne Plaza brand was designed for the business and leisure traveler in mind. There are almost 350 Crowne Plaza hotels located in 60 countries. The Holiday Inn brand is perfect for those travelers who want comfortable and contemporary rooms at an affordable rate. There are more than 3,000 Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels located around the world. The Staybridge Suites offer residentially styled suites for guests who are looking for an extended home away from home. The Staybridge brand has almost 160 hotels located around the world. The global network of hotels is supported by the dozen global call centers as well as the websites that are available in thirteen different languages.

The InterContinental Hotels Group has locations Washington D.C. and in all fifty states in America. True to its name, the group also has hotels around the world, including many of the most popular travel destinations such as Paris, Jerusalem,Stockholm, and Barcelona. Between the six brands owned by the group, there are hotels on every continent.

All of the InterContinental Hotels Group brands pride themselves on customer service. From their websites, to their customer service agents, to the people at the hotels, all are dedicated to maintaining the status the company has worked to achieve. Not only are they dedicated to their guests, they are also dedicated to the planet. They received an industry award for their environmental efforts for their work in remodeling one of their brands. During the remodeling they helped more than 4,000 families and prevented almost 300 tons of material from being put into landfills.

Because of the sheer number of hotels owned by the Intercontinental Hotels Group the variety of amenities is vast. The amenities differ based on the hotel brand and location. Amenities may include an on or offsite fitness center, spa, shops within or near the hotel, recreation options such a swimming or golf, housekeeping, laundry services, child care, and business services. Site specific amenities may cater to regional influences and focus on local cuisine or entertainment.

The InterContinental Hotels Group has possibly the largest loyalty program of any in the industry. The Priority Club Rewards program has more than 40 million members who are able to benefit from the program. The program has several different levels that include Club, Gold Elite and Platinum Elite. Program points can be accumulated by staying at any of the six hotel brands. Club members are those that stay between one and fourteen nights in a year. These members can earn points that never expire or airline miles. Benefits include extended check out, free newspaper on weekdays, and the ability to use Reward Nights on any date. Gold members are those who stay between fifteen and forty nine nights and they receive all the benefits of a Club member as well as a 10 percent base point bonus and priority check in. Platinum members are those members who stay in excess of fifty nights. They receive all of the above benefits as well as complimentary upgrades, guaranteed availability if booked at least three days in advance, and a 50 percent base point bonus.

The combination of extensive destination choices, customer service availability in numerous languages, a stellar rewards program, and a dedication to customer service makes the brands of the InterContinental Hotels Group accessible and beneficial to people from around the world. No matter where one wishes to go or where they are from they are sure to find a home away from home, and people who can help them make their travel dreams come true.

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