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Paris When To Go and Weather

Peak Season June - August
Summer in Paris is a two-sided coin. It is the busiest visitor season, but Parisians desert the city in droves (especially in August) for their own summer vacations. As a result, many places shut for a couple of weeks or so at some point during the summer, including restaurants and shops. Summer can be the best time to visit Paris if you're looking to enjoy quiet strolls and a more intimate view of the city. You'll still be able to get everything you need, but at this time of year it's always worth checking ahead that individual places are open.

On the flipside, the warm Paris weather means pavement cafes come into their own on long, lazy summer nights. Paris’s parks are oases for lounging in the sun or beneath shady trees, and there are loads of festivals and concerts city-wide. Markedly less traffic makes it one of the best times to visit Paris if you're looking to cycle. And from mid-July to mid-August, Paris Plages transform this landlocked city into a Riviera-like resort, with sandy beaches, palm trees, deck chairs and a floating swimming pool set up along the Seine.
Off-Season November - March

Paris works as a year-round destination. Paris weather in the winter can be chilly but snow is relatively rare. The city is well set-up to handle the cold and places are adequately heated. Indoor activities include cultural pursuits like concerts, ballets, operas and art exhibitions, while outdoor ones include a skating rink outside the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall). But trade shows and fairs, such as Paris’s fashion shows, along with a constant flow of business travelers and politicians attract high visitor numbers, so you'll still need to book hotels and restaurants ahead. For fashion lovers, fall and winter are the best times to visit Paris - Fashion Week showcases collections by the hottest designers and creates a buzz throughout the entire city. And if it does snow, you're in luck: watching it fall on Paris’s streets and monuments beneath the yellow street lamps is a magical sight.

Shoulder Season April - May; September - October

Paris weather in spring and fall means this is the loveliest of times for a Paris vacation. If you're wondering when to go to Paris to experience the city at it's finest spring or fall would be a good bet. Locals aren't on mass holiday, so it's a chance to catch local life, activities and cultural offerings in full swing. Other bonuses this time of year include fewer crowds, shorter lines, and better deals on accommodation than the height of summer. Even so, you'll still need to follow the Paris vacation-planning mantra: book ahead, book ahead, book ahead. Spring, with beautiful colors and pleasant weather, can be the best time to visit Paris for first time travelers. The weather is generally mild and pleasant during shoulder season months, but it can be changeable, so pack jackets as well as T-shirts, and an umbrella, just in case.

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