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Named after the triple peaked hill of Mont-Royal, Montreal is the second largest...Read More

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The world’s second-largest French-speaking city will swiftly charm its way into your heart. It’s hard to resist this multilingual and multicultural city of almost 4 million with its vibrant cafés, sidewalks terraces, boutique-lined avenues, cobblestone old city, and (in summer, anyway) lush parks and river beaches. Montréal is a city with a bevy of aliases: The Paris of North America, City of Churches, City of Festivals and even Sin City. It can sidle from its City of Churches persona to Sin City in just a block—just as easily as the locals can sashay between French and English. The delicate basilica of Notre-Dame in Old Montréal is only a few blocks from the Downtown red light district.  French is a first language for more than half of the population (only 12.5 percent of Montréal residents are native English speakers) but English speakers will find few language barriers during a Montréal vacation. Most locals will switch into English if they hear you speak it or if you’re struggling ...See More with the language, but you’ll get a warmer reception if you try and muster up a few French phrases. Montréal is a joyous blend of Québécois, Italian, Middle Eastern, Haitian and Jewish populations. The city’s distinctive arts, nightlife and dining scenes are a result of this fusion. In Montréal you’ll find dance companies, festivals and even a circus school. With a plethora of bistros and bars, this is a city for insomniacs, and the hectic Montréal nightlife doesn’t stop even during the depths of the city’s harsh winters. The city’s upbeat inhabitants cram an incredible amount into their days in this 110-square-mile city. See Less
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