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Quebec City Pop Culture

Quebec City (in fact, the entire province) has its own entertainment star system and well-known francophone music, television and film personalities as well as heroes of literature. Among its most famous exports, of course, is Céline Dion, and most ambitious artists make the move to (relatively) big-city Montreal to seek their fortunes. Still, in terms of the province-wide contemporary music scene, listening to French-language bands like Jean Leloup or Malajube (indie rock) or upcoming hip-hop artists can give you a sense of what's new in the French scene. As for the silver screen, Hollywood loves using Quebec as a stunt double for European cities, particularly French ones, both present day and in the past. While Montreal gets most of the action, some films shot in Quebec City include "Taking Lives with Angeline Jolie" (2004), and "Catch Me If You" can with Leonardo DiCaprio (2002). As for French-language films, Robert Lepage's 1994 drama "Le Confessional" is set in Quebec City.