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Vancouver When To Go and Weather

Peak Season June - September
Coastal Vancouver weather is often fusty in June, turning warm and lovely early July through early October. Since Canadians take a mass holiday in July and August, and international visitors seek the best weather, this is when the city is most crowded and room prices are highest, yet this is also one of the best times to visit Vancouver. Most days are clear and sunny with highs in the low 70s; beaches are warm enough to draw swimmers; outdoor dining patios sprout beside most restaurants; and the city’s streets, plazas and paths sport constant streams of walkers, bike riders, bladers and boarders. Conclusion: summer in Vancouver is crowded but divine.
Off-Season November - April
Vancouver’s rainiest, coldest, breeziest months can also be the best times to experience the city’s urbanity, hotels are largely unoccupied, rates are low, the dark-months cultural season is in full swing (theater, opera, music and many festivals), and innumerable discount programs combine dining, transportation and lodging into huge travel bargains priced at half or less of summertime costs. Daily highs in the low 40s are the winter norm, and though snow is rare, there will be rain. Yes, almost every day.
Shoulder Season May and October
Gardens bloom, the sun returns, markets move outdoors, buskers shed their winter gear, many good things happen in Vancouver in May. It’s too early to check out the scene at Wreck Beach, the city’s nude sunbathing hangout, but early October may still be afternoon swimsuit season, and virtually all the tourists have gone home. Spring flowers are in full bloom in May, and fresh wild salmon is still in season in October. Hotel rates don’t soar until mid-June, and drop back down by mid-September, so these periods offer the best of both worlds for travelers with flexible schedules.

Monthly Averages

Vancouver, Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

  • Sun


    Partly Cloudy

    64  55

  • Mon


    Partly Cloudy

    65  55

  • Tue


    Partly Cloudy

    68  57

  • Wed


    Partly Cloudy

    71  58

  • Thu



    73  59

  • Fri


    Mostly Sunny

    75  59

  • Sat


    Mostly Sunny

    74  61