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Vancouver OVERVIEW
Vancouver is a city that ranks right up alongside Paris when it comes to sheer beauty, but that’s not the only reason this Canadian city is one of the most popular visitor destinations in North America (if you're planning Vancouver travel you'll soon find out what we're talking about). There’s certainly nothing quite like the scene of the city’s glistening skyscrapers framed against the snowy Coast and Cascade Range peaks and bounded by the sparkling blue waters of the Strait of Georgia. That said, Canada’s Pacific capital is just as well known for its creative economy, first-class visitor attractions and remarkably diverse culture (as an east-west crossroads between Asia and Europe, Vancouver is demographically among the most diverse places on earth, in fact, there are more than 30 major ethnic groups inhabiting the metro area alone). As a result, the city is known for its regional cuisine, which incorporates multiple ethnic influences and fresh seafood. Then there are Vancouver’s nightclubs ...See More and festivals, which thrive in the buzz brought by “Hollywood North’s” $1 billion film industry. Finally, Vancouver is known for its parks, including a 1,000-acre forested enclave, Stanley Park, with its showy flower gardens, three exurban ski areas, and a museum holding the world’s finest collection of First Nations art and artifacts.See Less
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