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Victoria is a rich city for its size, and not just in wealth and influence, but also in natural beauty and culture. Founded on commerce, government and military, the city has since been fueled by tourism and several growing universities and colleges. In the past, Victoria has suffered from a reputation as the stuffy, bland, geriatric, British enclave, snoring away on Southern Vancouver Island, when in fact it has a surprisingly youthful, eclectic feel and a vibrant progressive culture. Yes, aspects of Victoria are distinctly British (by some, Oak Bay is considered even more English than England itself), but this makes for a healthy pub culture, a high per-capita concentration of tearooms, and a plethora of gardens. And yes, due in part to its mild climate, Victoria is one of Canada’s most popular locales for seniors to spend their golden years. Although these aspects may have dominated the city at one time, the youthful population of Victoria is growing and with it a progressive attitude ...See More that is shaping the cultural face of the city. Victoria supports a lively music scene, a diverse and refreshingly innovative dining scene, a vibrant art community (bolstered by the many artisans of the nearby Gulf Islands) and many lively festivals. Although the population of Victoria reaches up to 350,000 if all of its outlying suburbs are included, the city itself is only 78,000. Most of what Victoria has to offer lies in the downtown core making it an easy city to explore by foot.  See Less
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