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Victoria Pop Culture

Over the years Victoria has been home to a fair number of individuals who have reached fame and fortune on the international scene. Singer-songwriter, record producer and actress Nelly Furtado grew up in Victoria. So did Steve Nash, who’s a point guard for the NBA’s Phoenix Stars. Renowned artist and writer Emily Carr was born and raised in Victoria, and you can still visit the house she grew up in.  Simon Whitfield, Olympic triathlon champion for Canada, lives in the capital of BC. And to top it off, Pamela Anderson (who grew up 85 km. north of the city) used to work at Tourism Victoria.
The city’s stunning location and unique architecture have served as the backdrop in many films. In the 1989 film, “Bird on a Wire,” Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn are chased on a motorcycle along Fisgard Street and up Fan Tan Alley in Chinatown. And in “X-2” and “X-Men-The Last Stand,” Hatley Castle (at Royal Roads University) is featured as professor Xavier’s mutant training academy. The Royal Jubilee Hospital is featured in “Intersection,” which stars Richard Gere and Sharon Stone. Also, critically acclaimed Armenian-Canadian independent filmmaker Atom Egoyan grew up in the city.