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Whistler is one of the best-known mountain resorts in the world and for good reason. It’s famous for its sheer size, of course, but it’s also the most European of ski villages in North America and an area that’s known for its heady international buzz (it’s a popular getaway for travelers from all six inhabited continents). The region, which is tucked into a mountain valley in British Columbia, was purpose-built to be exactly what it is (the government even created a special “municipality” for it). The ski side of the resort encompasses two huge mountains, the world’s longest free-span gondola, North America’s longest intermediate run, 8,100 acres of skiing, prodigious snowfalls and a ski season that runs into July. All those attributes brought the Winter Olympics here in February 2010. But one need never set foot on snow to enjoy Whistler. The three base villages, designed for walking, hold some of Canada’s best restaurants and finest hotels. Miles of dedicated trail and sparkling waters ...See More call out to paddlers and pedalers. Wilderness starts at the municipal boundaries, luring adventurers. Golf, horseback riding, glacier skiing, whitewater rafting, alpine fly-fishing—there are literally dozens of things to do in and around Whistler, aside from skiing. That includes keeping your eyes peeled for the area’s much-loved resident bears, but that’s about the only not-hands-on activity here. See Less
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