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Punta Cana Pop Culture

There is precious little music, literature and film associated with Punta Cana in particular, beyond the usual travel guides and the occasional mention of a beach resort in chick-lit. A Natural Way of Business by Udayan Gupta tells the tale of Punta Cana's development and focuses on the example it has set as a sustainable resort settlement, but that's about it. As for the Dominican Republic as a whole, a number of movies including parts of The Godfather: Part II and Apocalypse Now were filmed there, and Santo Domingo, a few hours from Punta Cana, is a heavily scouted location due to its classic, historic feel. Novels highlighting the culture in the Dominican Republic abound, and the country features prominently in many books about Caribbean politics and philosophy. For those who prefer dancing to reading, the Dominican merengue is a well-beloved dance and you can find plenty of places to try out your skills in Punta Cana—get listening to artists like Frank Reyes, Cherito, Rubby Perez, Eddy Herrera and Sergio Vargas and search YouTube for Dominican Merengue to prepare.