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When strolling through the streets of Amsterdam, don’t be surprised to find yourself face to face with a scantily dressed prostitute in the Red Light District, or wandering past a coffee shop filling the streets with the smell of cannabis (yes, Amsterdam travel can be a very liberal experience). So liberal, in fact, that for years, it attracted tourists who planned an Amsterdam vacation with the sole purpose of practicing some Dutch Debauchery. In recent years, the Dutch government and Amsterdam City Council have tried to tone down the depravity. But an Amsterdam vacation has far more on offer than just hookers and pot—it is the birthplace of some of the most successful artists in the world, and home to some of the best museums. The Dutch speak Dutch, of course, but you’ll find that English is also extremely common in Amsterdam. Most signs, menus and timetables are in Dutch and English, and almost everyone in the city speaks fluent English. Still, it never hurts to learn a couple of words ...See More of Dutch when you're traveling to Amsterdam. See Less
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