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Amsterdam Pop Culture

In 1971, James Bond visited Amsterdam in “Diamonds Are Forever”—and if you watch the movie before visiting, you’ll see that almost nothing has changed. The buildings look the same, the canals are all still there, and even the canal boats look similar. That is part of the charm of Amsterdam; it has never lost any of its identity. The Dutch movie "Amsterdamned" was filmed by Dick Maas, who also directed the famous Golden Earring video clip for “When the Lady Smiles.” This video clip was also shot in Amsterdam, and even though it is 26 years old, many of the shots show parts of the city that have not changed much, including the trains on the subway line. In 2004, the team of "Oceans Twelve" set up shop at the Pulitzer Hotel, where they plan their newest heist. The Nine Streets, a popular shopping area, are where most of the shooting took place, and many of the places shown in the movie are still there.