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London When To Go and Weather

Peak Season May, June, September

Best time to plan a London vacation is in May, June or September, as you’re most likely to be lucky with the weather during these months—though really it’s a guessing game as the weather can be heavenly or horrible in July, August and October. Whatever the weather, the state of the climate will give you plenty of conversational gambits.

Though it may be cold and brutal outside, London travel during Christmas and New Year will be twinkling delight. There is a feeling of expectation in the air, and lots of drunken celebrations every evening leading up to Christmas, followed by a brief lull before the overexcitement of New Year.

Off-Season October - March
Winter is long, dark and cold, lasting from about October to March. Days are short and the wind and rain can be bitter. It sometimes snows in January and February. However, there’s always a lot going on in London, even though the days are shorter and colder, it’s just a bit less inviting to go out and do it. Come wrapped up and prepared and you’ll still have a good time.
Shoulder Season July - August
July and August are most crowded with tourists, and the weather varies—it might be hot, it might rain, it could even be cold—however, there are plenty of festivals afoot at this time of year and heaps of free entertainment.

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