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A London vacation is more than a visit to a key European city. It’s an encounter with a living, breathing entity in its own right, a city full of the character and personality of having been around for nearly 2,000 years. It’s a great sponge that has absorbed and accepted people from everywhere in the world, and shows its wealth in a thousand different faces. And it’s a place where no one will bat an eyelid, or even manage a second (obvious) glance, if you decided to, say, dress as a pirate for the day. London museums spill over with treasures, while the city gets on in its edgy culture, its forward theatrical expression and otherworldly displays of life after dark. Here you can ride on a bus and hear a dozen different languages or ride down a boulevard and see a dozen eras of architectural splendor. It’s a city of extremes, where dives and luxury coexist almost side-by-side, where modern and medieval know no boundaries and where the indifferent chimes of time ring eternal. London is ...See More beautiful in parts, ugly in others, fascinating, exasperating, but always very much alive. Dive in, take a swim, go with the flow, but just don’t get in the way, because everyone’s in a hurry. But, before you get put off by the big-city blues and by Londoners’ famous froideur, remember that the city is also a collection of small towns, jammed together and called one name. See Less
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