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The capital and largest city of Jamaica is an excellent introduction to the...Read More

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Kingston slang is an integral part of a visit to this Jamaican tropical paradise....Read More
Kingston travel will bring you face-to-face with the vital culture of Jamaica. You can see Jamaica’s history in the faces of its people. Prepare to meet red-haired rastas with green eyes, a mix of German and African blood. Crossing the carpeted paths of an upscale hotel, y,ou’ll glimpse reminders of Jamaica’s landed white gentry. And everywhere throughout Kingston, you’ll see a people—black and white—with a hard-drawn lust for life. But you won’t just see it, you’ll also hear it in reggae, ska and dancehall music, and you’ll taste it in the spicy jerk cooking that the island is famous for. The proto-punk Clash is famous for revering reggae and dub music. When they finally arrived in Kingston, they huddled in their hotel room afraid to venture out.  Instead, they ordered from room service and wrote the song pining for “My Safe European Home.”  Don’t make the same mistake they did.  In our opinion, Kingston has received an unfair rap. You can’t really know Jamaica without ...See More knowing Kingston, and if you use common sense, you should be fine. Knowing that, the rest is up to you.  Let this guide direct you to the best experiences in the city.See Less
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