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Acapulco When To Go and Weather

Peak Season All Year Round
The weather in Acapulco is sunny all year round, with average temperatures hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s humid, too, and there may come a time during your Acapulco vacation when you look down at your hands and they’ve become prune-like—as though you spent too much time in a hot bath. But the heat and tropical atmosphere are part of the charm. Peak season is Christmas through the end of April. That’s when you’ll see the most visitors from the U.S., especially during spring break. Easter weekend belongs to the Mexicans, who flock to the beaches. Make your Acapulco travel arrangements well in advance if you’re visiting during peak season. Plan for not only your hotel booking but for some tours and restaurant reservations, too. Prices are also at their peak, but that doesn’t seem to keep away the crowds. 
Off-Season June - October

Acapulco weather from June to October not only sees temperatures rise, the humidity spikes and the rains fall. It’s enough to keep away the crowds, so if you like a little more elbow room and you don’t mind a rain shower or two (much of the rain actually falls at night) this is the season for you. You’ll find some good bargains on hotels and flights—up to 50% off what you’d pay during the peak season. The off-season temporarily turns into a busy season during late July and early August, when Mexican families flock to Acapulco for their summer vacation. 

Shoulder Season September - November
Acapulco weather actually creates two shoulder seasons: September to early November and March through the end of May. The weather is good during these months, sunny and not much rain. Frugal visitors can also hunt around and probably save on accommodations and flights. The best time to travel for both deals and weather is probably during the shoulder season’s late spring and early fall, when it's less likely to rain. An exception to these dates is the above-mentioned spring break and Easter week.  

Monthly Averages