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Acapulco Pop Culture

Instead of being a neurotic pressure cooker, Acapulco is a pleasure-lover’s paradise. This has made it a fantastic vacation destination for decades, but it hasn’t done much to inspire writers, musicians and filmmakers to dig deep and honor Acapulco with their creations. That’s why the destination’s artistic high water mark is "Fun in Acapulco," starring Elvis Presley. Hmmm. Let’s make Elvis afraid of heights. But to get the girl of his dreams, he’ll have to become a La Quebrada cliff-diver. While other cities get their poetic chroniclers, until something more ambitious comes along, Acapulco will have to be content with Elvis singing "Bossa Nova Baby." 

On a slightly darker note, much of the 2001 film "Blow," starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, takes place in Acapulco. This so-so film is based on the true story of an American drug smuggler getting way too ambitious for his own good. 

You may be better off delving into the Mexican mystique on a broader canvas, by reading some of the seminal works of Mexican history and literature, such as Orville Prescott’s "Conquest of Mexico" or Octavio Paz’s "Labyrinth of Solitude."