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Kingston When To Go and Weather

Peak Season December - March
The best time to consider a Jamaica vacation is December 15 through March 15, when the island is at its peak. While hotels charge their highest prices during this season, the upside is the sun always shines, hurricane season is over and Kingston offers many holiday-related events that tourists can also enjoy. For travel in the high season, book as far ahead as possible, especially if you have a particular hotel in mind. The only drawback to visiting at this time is that everyone else is, too, including Spring-Breakers. But they most often visit the northwest resort coast. During December the LTM National Pantomime, a spirited theatrical production with lots of local color, is annually staged at Kingston’s Ward Theatre, and then in February at Kingston’s Little-Little Theatre.  Bob Marley’s birthday is celebrated island-wide every February, with concerts and musical commemorations at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.
Off-Season April - December
Mid-April to mid-December is the off-season for Jamaica travel. Jamaica budget travelers appreciate the easy-to-get reservations, bargain prices for hotel stays and spirited local festivals. Savvy shoppers will also be able to hunt down off-season sales in Kingston’s boutiques, especially those catering to tourists. However, it’s important to note that Kingston doesn’t see the level of off-season price reductions found in the resort areas. On the downside during the off-season, service in major hotels may be reduced, hotels may schedule construction work, and it can rain frequently. Depending on the year, you’ll also get the tail-end of Spring Break, so plan accordingly if these types of festivities give you a migraine. Jamaica’s hurricane season lasts from June 1 to Nov. 30. In July, the National Dance Theatre Company’s Season of Dance hits the stage at Kingston’s Little-Little Theatre. Aug. 1 marks Emancipation with citywide commemorations, including festivities at Emancipation Park in New Kingston.  Restaurant Week is usually held in November, with citywide savings at many top eateries and tastings at the new restaurants.
Shoulder Season September - mid-December; January - March
Late-spring and fall is a mixed blessing for Jamaica travel. During Jamaica’s shoulder season you’ll find prices to be cheaper, but they won’t be slashed as low as they’ll be during the low season. This is also when you’ll find the most rainfall, since Jamaica’s rainy seasons are in May and June, and October through November. The National Mento Yard celebration of Jamaica’s culture is usually held in Kingston during October, so check ahead if you’re in the capital that month.

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