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Sedona Transportation

Getting There

While Sedona has a small airport, it is only open to charter and private planes. Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, 120 miles south, is the closest major airport and is served by most airlines. Flagstaff’s much smaller Pulliam Airport, 30 miles north, is served by US Airways and Horizon/Alaska Airlines. Ground transportation from Phoenix is available on the Sedona-Phoenix Shuttle (800-448-7988). Fares are $45 one way, $85 round trip, and reservations are required. We highly recommend renting a car for your visit. It will be cheaper and you’ll have many more options at the airport, rather than waiting till you arrive in Sedona. 
There is no direct train or bus service into Sedona. Both Amtrak and Greyhound make stops in Flagstaff, 28 miles from Sedona. The Amtrak depot sits at the edge of downtown with the Greyhound station located about a mile west. Car rentals are available at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and many companies maintain offices in the city as well.

Getting Around

Public Transit
The Sedona RoadRunner operates every 15 minutes, seven days a week, through the high-density areas of Uptown, Tlaquepaque and the Hillside Shops. Stops are clearly marked at all public parking areas and most shopping locations. Best of all, the colorful trolleys are free. 928-282-0938. 
Sedona is an easy town to navigate by car. There are only two main roads, Highway 89A and Highway 179. Where they intersect is known as the “Y.” The main things to watch out for are other drivers focused on scenery and not the road, and the roundabouts. Most stoplights in Sedona have been replaced by these traffic circles. When approaching a roundabout, drivers should slow down, yield to traffic in the circle and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists. One of your first purchases in town should be a Red Rock Pass. When parking on Coconino National Forest land, visitors are required to display a Red Rock Pass. Passes cost $5 a day, $15 per week or $20 per year and are available at self-serve machines, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center (331 Forest Road, 928-282-7722) and Oak Creek Vista Overlook.
Like most small towns, taxis are scarce in Sedona. You won’t see them prowling the streets looking for fares or idling in front of resorts. You have to call them. Some won’t give out specific rate information. They’ll just tell you how much it will cost to take you to your stated destination. Sedona Taxi (928-204-9111) will send around a white Crown Victoria. They charge $4 for pickup and $2 per mile for as many people as you can squeeze in.