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Malibu When To Go and Weather

Peak Season July - September
If you’re looking for the quintessential beach blanket bingo experience, July, August and September are the months to visit Malibu. With nary a chance of rain and temperatures in the 70s, Malibu’s Mediterranean climate shines in the summer. September is usually the hottest and driest month. Competition for a table at Paradise Cove is fierce and room rates jump, but there are more outdoor concerts and special events to keep you entertained and you won’t need a hoodie at the beach.


Off-Season December - February

Winter in Malibu can be downright dreary. Considered the rainy season, December, January and February often come packaged with thick clouds, rainstorms and average high temperatures in the low 60s. It’s not Minnesota, but locals still complain about the cold. With the rain comes the potential for mudslides. The upside is that the beaches are empty (except for the surfers) and prices drop. Just be sure to pack a jacket.

Shoulder Season March - June; October - November
Autumn and spring are something of a crapshoot. Any given year they can be extensions of summer (mild and beautiful) or fodder for “Storm Stories.” Dry, warm, whipping Santa Ana winds, nicknamed “devil’s breath,” kick up in October and aggravate wildfires. They’ve been known to push a fire 40 miles in a day. Late rains in the spring can mean cooler temperatures and more mudslides. Keep in mind that if you come in June, a marine layer known as “June gloom” keeps the temperatures chilly and the skies cloudy until noon.


Malibu, CA Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

  • Tue


    Partly Cloudy

    69  54

  • Wed


    Partly Cloudy

    71  54

  • Thu



    72  56

  • Fri



    76  57

  • Sat


    Mostly Sunny

    77  57

  • Sun



    77  58

  • Mon



    77  58