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Malibu is how the other half lives when they’re kicking back in their beach houses in Juicy Couture and flip-flops. A playground for millionaires, movie stars, surfers and stoners, the Bu has a surprisingly laid-back, small-town vibe. While it’s virtually impossible to make it a day in Malibu without running into a celebrity—Cher in Ralph’s supermarket, Leo at Nobu—people here don’t tend to make much of it. The real star is the Pacific Ocean. Running counter-intuitively east to west, Malibu beaches host both sunrise and sunset, and good enough breaks to tempt any level of surfer. While the atmosphere may be accessible, the price tags aren’t. Lodging and eating out will put a dent in your wallet, and budget options are as rare a sight as a Ford Focus. Thankfully, the ocean breezes are free.
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