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Washington DC Pop Culture

Gear up for your trip by watching tales of international intrigue in The Bourne Identity. If your tastes are more sci-fi, watch aliens blow up the city’s most treasured landmarks in Independence Day, while the whole family can enjoy National Treasure and the second installment of Night at the Museum. Looking for a mood-setting book to read on your flight? Begin with the presidential memoir, The Audacity of Hope or delve into hidden worlds and secret societies with Dan Brown’s latest, The Lost Symbol.  Read Paul Dickson’s On This Spot for a historical neighborhood-by-neighborhood account of D.C. happenings, or lose yourself in a comedy with Christopher Buckley’s Thank You for Smoking. D.C. deserves some props for spawning multiple musical heavy-hitters that defy genres. Fire up your iPod and relax with Duke Ellington or Roberta Flack, listen to local trip-hoppers Thievery Corporation, or get a little edgy with punk legends Minor Threat and Henry Rollins