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Fort Lauderdale Pop Culture

The most famous piece of pop culture associated with Fort Lauderdale is the 1960 film "Where the Boys Are," which put it on the map as a playground for spring-breakers and stamped it with that distinction for decades to follow. In more recent years, big-screen hits such as "Caddyshack" (1980) filmed here, along with the Johnny Depp - Al Pacino mobster movie "Donnie Brasco" (1997) and, just two years ago, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston spent a couple of months filming "Marley & Me" downtown; in fact, the office scenes for Wilson’s character, a newspaper writer, were filmed in the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s offices just off Las Olas Boulevard. If you want to bone up on the area before you come, there are plenty of travel guides that will give you mostly information you can easily find online; however, some engaging historical books are available, as well, such as "The Stranahans of Fort Lauderdale: A Pioneer Family of New River" by Harry A. Kersey, and "Fort Lauderdale: The Venice of America," by Susan Gillis, the former curator of the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society. Gillis has assembled a compendium of stories that reach back to the city’s earliest days and are told by those who lived through the changing times.