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Walt Disney World When To Go and Weather

Peak Season June through August, Christmas through New Year's, Mid-March to Mid-April
Walt Disney World is most crowded when school is out. After all, this is a family destination and families come when the kids have time off. The park can feel congested during these times, and waits can reach up to two hours for one attraction. Plus, the Florida heat can be stifling during the summer. If you go during the summer months, take plenty of water and consider buying one of those little portable fans to help you stay cool while you wait in line. (We speak from experience on this.) Locals head to the park on summer weekends, adding to the crowds. Also, Orlando receives the most rain during the summer months with frequent afternoon thunderstorms, but that rain can be a welcome relief from the heat and evenings can be delightful. Daytime temperatures Christmas through New Years are in the 60s and 70s, but cold snaps that plunge overnight temperatures toward freezing and last several days aren’t unheard of.
Off-Season Mid-January to Mid-February, Late April-Late May, September-Mid-December
Consider a visit in during the winter or fall, when the weather is cooler and the crowds are minimal. The parks are all dressed up for the holidays from Mid-November through December, adding to the fun. Walt Disney World is least crowded the week before Labor Day, the weeks after Thanksgiving through Christmas, and the second week of January through the first week of February. The drawback is that each of the water parks closes for several weeks (though one or the other will be open) during the winter months, and some attractions are shut down for renovations. December and January are the coolest months in Orlando, but still have an average high of 72. The winter months are also dry with little or no rain and little humidity.
Shoulder Season Mid-February until President's Week, Thanksgiving Week, Early March
Crowds pick up a little from mid-February until President's Week, and from the last week of April through May. During this time, there are many visitors at the park, but you won't have to wait long in line. The weather is usually quite nice in early spring, with highs in the 70s and 80s and light humidity. In early spring, fronts sweep through with rain from time to time, but they generally clear out in a day or so. By the end of May, it’s summertime.