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Atlanta When To Go and Weather

Peak Season June - August
More visitors may visit here in the summer months than in others, but thanks to the sometimes sweltering heat and humidity, it's not always the best time to visit Atlanta. Hotels are often full in summer, especially on weekends, and getting a reservation at top tier restaurants may be impossible if you haven't booked weeks in advance. Dressing appropriately for summer touring can be tricky too: Temps can soar into the 90s by early afternoon, making waiting in packed lines for popular sights a sticky prospect; once inside, you'll then find them mostly air conditioned to near-Arctic frigidity. Also be ready for late afternoon thunderstorms, a common summertime occurrence in Hotlanta.
Off-Season November - March
Apart from the holidays that bring in throngs of shoppers from across the South, fewer visitors are in Atlanta during winter than in any other season and many hotels offer deep discounts. Lines at popular sights, if they exist, are shorter. While Atlanta weather is rarely brutal (average winter highs run in the 50s and 60s, average lows in the 30s and 40s), temperatures do occasionally dip into single digits; and while not exactly common, significant snowfall is not unheard of, nor are ice storms, which can temporarily cripple the city.
Shoulder Season April - May; September - October
Spring and fall bring by far the most pleasant Atlanta weather, and in our opinion the best times to visit Atlanta, either before or after the summer heat. In spring you'll find azaleas and dogwoods in full vivid bloom, while in fall you'll witness the changing colors of the Appalachian foothill foliage. Thunderstorms (and even the occasional freak tornado, like in 2008) can swing through, but for the most part you'll love the sunny and temperate days. Crowds will be smaller than in summer as well. If you're looking to experience the flora and fauna of the city at its best this is the best time to visit Atlanta. Allergy and asthma sufferers should be aware that Atlanta has some of the highest pollen and particulate pollution counts in the country. The pine forests that built much of the Old South’s economy are still pumping out pollen to beat the band, especially in the spring.

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Atlanta, GA Weather Forecast

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    Partly Cloudy

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    Scattered Showers

    71  50

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    82  58