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Savannah When To Go and Weather

Peak Season March - May

This Southern belle looks best when she's all dressed up in white—flowers, that is. Spring is the best time to visit Savannah, bursting with blooming gardenias, magnolias, dogwoods, honeysuckle and more. The already romantic city kicks it up a notch—you half expect strangers to propose to you on the street. The Historic District and River Street are packed with visitors, and the city's famously gorgeous parks have more cameras than the red carpet on Oscar Night. While it's fun to see Savannah at the height of its glory, all the crowds do bring a penalty—higher prices on hotels, long waits at restaurants, tour groups clogging the museums. You might want to skip the city on March 17, when it seems like the entire population is hammered on green beer during what's said to be the country's second-biggest St. Patrick's Day's parade. Or maybe you want to buy a shamrock T-shirt and book your ticket now. Your call.

Off-Season December - February

Winter is Savannah's slow season. While the Savannah weather rarely drops to what the rest of the country might call "cold," it can be nippy. Worse, it can be gray and drizzly (though sunny days still outnumber gray ones). But if you're willing to risk a few less-than-perfect days, this is one of the nicest times to see the city minus the crowds. Just bring a jacket and an umbrella—you'll be fine. Christmas and New Year's get a major bump in traffic, as visitors come to check out the Historic District's stunning holiday light displays. There are often historic home tours this time of year, which are a great opportunity to enjoy the guilty pleasure of peering through the personal spaces of Savannah's most fabulously wealthy citizens.

Shoulder Season September - November
Fall is Savannah's shoulder season. Traffic can still be heavy in September, which is often just as sweltering as August. But by October, the crowds have thinned, Savannah's weather has cooled off, and the Historic District is just as beautiful as ever. We think fall is when Savannah is at her most charming. You can stroll River Street in relative peace, walk in Forsyth Park without winding up with a second-degree sunburn, and even get into The Lady & Sons for dinner without a million hour wait. If you're here over Thanksgiving, many B&Bs offer special packages.

Monthly Averages

Savannah, GA Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

  • Fri



    78  63

  • Sat


    Mostly Sunny

    83  68

  • Sun


    Partly Cloudy

    82  70

  • Mon


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    84  70

  • Tue


    Partly Cloudy

    87  70

  • Wed


    Partly Cloudy

    87  69

  • Thu


    Partly Cloudy

    88  69