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Happy Hour in Savannah

There is no happier place for happy times and happy hours than Savannah, Ga....Read More

5 Best Photo Opportunities in Savannah

Draped in a delicate veil of Spanish moss and accessorized with azalea, camellia...Read More
With endless rows of antebellum mansions, cobblestone streets and oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, Savannah is one of America's most postcard-worthy cities. Laid out on an orderly grid along the Savannah River, with straight streets and evenly spaced public squares, it's one of the country's first and finest planned cities. All this makes Savannah irresistible to travelers, who flood the historic downtown nearly year-round. That said, make no mistake, Savannah is no museum. Schools like the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) draw in young people and help keep the city vibrant. Savannah's become known as a bit of an arts mecca, both for antique aficionados and modern art connoisseurs (it's not unheard of for visitors to plan a Savannah vacation solely for the purpose of exploring the art scene). Wander the streets near SCAD to check out the city's best galleries and most interesting boutiques and restaurants. For visitors, dozens of museums, refurbished mansions, lush public ...See More parks and historic cemeteries make Savannah a prime spot for sightseeing. But, honestly, in a town this supernaturally pretty, it's just as nice to sit at a River Street cafe and watch the horse carriages clip clop along. Take a hint from the native Southerners, who have turned lounging into a high art, and try to slow down a bit while you're here. See Less
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