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Kauai Pop Culture

For all its beauty Kauai rarely stars as Kauai. Oddly A Perfect Getaway, starring Timothy Olyphant and Steve Zahn, which is set in Kauai, was filmed in Puerto Rico, Kauai and Jamaica. The island appeared in animation in Lilo and Stitch, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Six Days Seven Nights, Pirates of the Caribbean, From Here to Eternity, and Tropic Thunder were all filmed on the island with Kauai playing the part of other South Pacific locales: some mythical, Vietnam, Brazil and a private island where genetically reconstructed dinosaurs were bred. Hawaiian recording artist Keli’i Kaneali’i resides with his wife, a Kumu Hula (hula instructor), in Anahola. Hawaiian Singer/Songwriter virtuoso Dennis Kamakahi has written several songs about Kauai including the standard Koke`e, which makes for perfect accompaniment when driving through the park. All around bluesman Taj Mahal lived on Kauai for a time and his album “Sacred Island” contained many references to places and his friends on island.