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Maui When To Go and Weather

Peak Season Mid-December - Mid-March; Late May - August

Peak season for Maui travel is defined as mid-December through mid-March when Maui weather is balmy and warm, hotel rates are at their highest and airfare is astronomical. Discounts on Maui vacations typically vanish during this season, so if you are on a budget this may not be the best time to visit Maui. Begin to finalize arrangements in early fall, especially for large families requiring spacious accommodations, mini-vans and the like. Expect families to flood the beaches during the holidays and snowbirds to light at this time as well. Leave the overcoats and mittens at home and be sure to pack sunscreen, bathing suit, flip-flops and credit cards.

Off-Season Early September - Mid-November

The off-season for a Maui vacation is anytime between Labor Day and just before Thanksgiving. Airlines begin to advertise discounted rates sometimes as early as the beginning of August, when it’s possible to see fares drop 35 to 40 percent. This is the best time to visit Maui, as summer crowds begin to wane but the Maui weather continues to be warm and sunny. Maui attractions and activities remain open but will be much less crowded and easier to arrange. The temperature brings on the T-shirts, bathing suits, shorts, flip-flops, sundresses, lightweight pants and collared shirts for evening action.

Shoulder Season

Early April - Late May

Shoulder season is one of the better times of the year for Maui travel, when the spring-breakers are back at the books and summer has not yet started. The season brings a welcomed transition of quiet and relaxation. Perhaps this is why more mature crowds of singles and childless couples find this the best time to visit Maui.

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