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Speeding through on the interstate, it’s easy to dismiss Idaho’s capital as Anywhere, USA. Despite the beautiful mountains in the background, urban sprawl and chain stores are still urban sprawl and chain stores. But take the time for some Boise travel and you’ll find that the city has a happening downtown, neighborhoods full of historic homes and quaint cafes, and 107 parks that, combined, offer nearly 1,000 acres of protected open space. (Boise doesn’t call itself the “City of Trees” without reason—there are an estimated 290,000 trees in the city.) There’s no city like it. Boise is Idaho’s capital, the state’s biggest college town and, thanks to a wave of immigration that began over a century ago, it has a Basque heritage and culture unique in the U.S. The two-year restoration of the State Capitol is finished (it was closed even to government workers and elected officials), and our 25-mile long Greenbelt, which cuts right through downtown, is still the envy of metropolitan areas across ...See More the country. Wines produced just outside the city, in the new-ish Snake River Valley AVA, are already giving Oregon and Washington wines a run for their money. And, oh yeah, we have some pretty incredible wildlife and outdoor recreation, too. Whether you want laid-back good eats or world-class whitewater, or a glimpse of a peregrine falcon in the wild, Boise travel has it. A bit of advice for the first-time visitor: We’ve got nice restaurants and a Shakespeare repertory company, but we’re far from formal. Feel free to dress up if you want, but when we talk about ties, we mean the ones on the end of a fishing line. While Boisians don’t care what you wear, they do like it when you pronounce the name of their city properly: BOY-zee is wrong. The correct way? BOY-see. See Less
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