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Boise Pop Culture

Sadly there’s no pop culture to help you get psyched for your trip to Boise. "Napoleon Dynamite" made Preston, Idaho—nearly a four-hour drive to the south and east from Boise—famous, but Boise hasn’t received any such major motion picture attention. We’re not going to tell you not to watch Napoleon Dynamite, but we will tell you Preston has little in common with Boise. For a town as removed from (and ignored by) Hollywood as Boise, the city has had more than its share of movie premiers. This is entirely thanks to producer Frank Marshall, who grew up in Southern California and began coming to Boise in the 1970s, when high school friends moved here. Six films Marshall has been involved with have had their world premieres in Boise (and benefited Boise nonprofits). The most recent one was "The Last Airbender." The ones we read about most in Us Weekly and People were the three Bourne movies. For these Marshall even brought the films’ star, Matt Damon, with him. Even though the Meryl Streep movie "The River Wild" was ostensibly set on the Salmon River about five hours from Boise, it was shot in Montana and Oregon. Although born in Cleveland, writer Anthony Doerr"The Shell Collector," "About Grace" and, most recently, "Memory Wall"—is the most recent writer-in-residence for the state of Idaho and lives in Boise. Brady Udall—"Letting Loose the Hounds" (a collection of short stories), "The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint," "The Lonely Polygamist"—is another famous Boise-based writer.