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Baltimore When To Go and Weather

Peak Season May - July

When spring comes in full force, there’s no better time to be in the Mid-Atlantic. The weather hovers around perfect 80-degree days with long spots of sunniness. Outdoor music concerts kick off just about everywhere, ice cream trucks start patrolling the alleyways, movies are screened in local parks, and in general, Baltimore comes alive. Memorial Day weekend is always jammed with music and festivities, while Baltimore’s Fourth of July fireworks over Inner Harbor give nearby Washington, D.C., and Philly a run for their money. But don’t forget: by late June, the weather is getting soupy.


December - April

Winter is dark, cold and pretty dreary. Yes, there are some clean, crisp days of weak sunlight, but, by and large, you’ll be subjected to cold rain and bitter winds off the harbor. On the other hand, when it snows, Baltimore becomes a romantic winter wonderland, albeit one where just about every city service shuts down. If you time your visit right in late March or April, you may experience some of the best of an early Maryland spring.

Shoulder Season August - November

We’re not gonna lie: July and August are hot. Hot hot hot, and muggy as hell. You’ll be putting up with some seriously uncomfortable weather in deep summer, but, on the other hand, the long summer sunsets and nights are perfect for sitting outside with a cold beer and a smile. Outdoor activities tend to begin later in the day. During this time lots of Baltimoreans head “down the ocean” to Ocean City, Md., or to local rivers for tubing fun. Autumn brings cool, crisp days, and while the changing of the local leaves isn’t as dramatic as the foliage in New England, it’s still very lovely.

Monthly Averages

Baltimore, MD Weather Forecast

7-Day Forecast

  • Sun


    Mostly Sunny

    82  65

  • Mon


    Mostly Sunny

    87  69

  • Tue


    Partly Cloudy

    90  71

  • Wed


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    90  71

  • Thu


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    85  70

  • Fri


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    86  70

  • Sat


    Scattered Thunder- storms

    88  72