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Folks here like to think of Ocean City as the original "OC." The name resemblance to a show that popularized a lifestyle of sun, sand, surf and sex is appropriate at first glance, but then the comparison quickly falls apart. The East Coast OC is decidedly not about catwalk models on the beach. More than models, you'll find working-class folks on holiday from Philly, Baltimore and Wilmington. They sport a mix of cultural symbols that speaks to the way the Mid-Atlantic mixes North and South. Ocean City is the American summer getaway in all its glory, kitsch, tackiness, nostalgia and plain old fun, served with a wonderful boardwalk, several slices of pizza, a soft-shell crab sandwich, a big ol’ cup of Thrasher’s Fries doused in apple cider vinegar and (why the heck not?) a funnel cake. This isn't to say Ocean City doesn’t offer tons of tan-worthy fun. The sand here is white and smooth, the ocean is warm and lovely (and even provides some decent waves), at least in the summer season, and there ...See More are some beach beauties wandering about. But you’ll need to really search to find sushi bars or fusion cuisine or Prada branches in this beach town. The pristine small towns of the Maryland Eastern Shore are just a few minutes away by car, and south of here is one of the East Coast’s natural wonders: a windswept barrier island overrun with wild horses that trotted right out of your childhood summer fantasies. See Less
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