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Forget “banned in Boston” and the dirty-brick images of a buttoned-down city that ruled for much of the 20th century. Now that the harbor is cleaned up, the Big Dig is finished and the city's cultural institutions are on a building spree you might want to give Boston travel a shot. Boston is the world’s biggest college town, a foodie haven and home to both great art and sports teams that keep racking up the championships. And, oh yeah, the city's got some historical significance, too. Whether you want high-end shopping, high-minded culture or just a beer and a ballgame, Boston travel has world-class offerings.  A few words of travel advice for the first-time visitor. Don’t be afraid to take a Duck Boat Tour. While the former military amphibious vehicles look sort of goofy, and the locals will roll their eyes when you start quacking, there are few better ways to start your Boston vacation—and even most locals don’t get to see the view from the Charles River. Just don’t call it Beantown, ...See More don’t make jokes about pahking your cah in Hahvad Yahd, and please, leave your Yankees cap at home. See Less
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