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Let’s get this out of the way: There’s nothing normal about Detroit. Once the country’s wealthiest city and now the poorest in its population bracket, the only thing to expect from the Motor City is that it is probably not going to be a whole lot like where you come from. While the idea of a Detroit vacation itself will seem to some more like the subject of a Daily Show spoof than a good idea, those who know the city can tell you: It’s not what you think, and usually in the best possible way. Oddly (and effortlessly) cool, sports mad, always thirsty, culture rich and the launching pad for some of the biggest pop culture game-changers of all time, Detroit is fiercely proud. Best of all, it is perhaps among the most welcoming cities in the country. This is, after all, a town that has less than half of its peak population and has had its fill of saying goodbye.
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